Sewing of individual furniture covers to order in Kiev and across Ukraine remotely
Unique tailoring of individual covers for any models of upholstered furniture. Not only in Kiev, but also throughout Ukraine in exact dimensions in a simplified format, remotely or onsite within Kiev. A good selection of furniture fabrics for your covers, for any complexity of cover design.

We offer


Remote fabrication

The most simplified and thoughtful sewing of covers for any furniture, be it simple or complex, remotely, online. Great result of beautiful furniture covers with minimal effort.


Decorative covers

The classic and familiar way of tailoring individual covers for your furniture. With a visit within Kiev and professional measurements by furniture specialists.


Outdoor protection

So indispensable outdoor covers, resistant to precipitation and temperatures, sewn from special fabrics in a unique cut. The covers will serve you for many seasons and will not lose their reliability.



A unique choice for covers. Upholstery fabric of increased strength and the best quality for any model, including outdoor and garden.


Online assessment

For online evaluation and ordering
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