Sewing covers via the Internet according to your size. Sewing professionally to order.

Now the sewing of covers has become even easier and more convenient. For almost any furniture, we can, with your help, design those covers that you will definitely like.

Now you can order a cover from us from anywhere, not necessarily in order to get a high-quality cover now to live in Kiev. The algorithm is very simple and does not require excessive efforts, and anyone can cope with such a task! All that is required is a piece of paper for notes, a pen to write them down and a meter, be it a tailor's tape or a construction tape.

The photos show roughly what sizes we might need. Each furniture has its own parameters and features, so you have to photograph the furniture or what you want to make to order according to your size and your idea, covers. The photo should be taken in such a way that the entire subject will fit on it, or take two photos. Ideally, of course, you need a couple of photos - one in front view - in front, the other in profile - from the side. You can, of course, also in perspective - from an angle, but this is not necessary. Pay a little attention to the furniture, because the sewing of covers largely depends not only on your "order", but on our teamwork. Sewing covers is a fascinating and entertaining business, because you yourself will take part in it!

Having received your photo, we will think over the design of the covers and draw out, as you can see in the photos on the page, the places and directions which dimensions will be required from you. Agree, it's not difficult at all. & Nbsp; Each size will have its own letter or number - "1", "2", "a", "b" ..., write it down on a piece of paper opposite each number or letter is the size that you get, and then send all the received sizes to us, by mail or vibe, or vatsap. In general, in the same way as we made the order, in the same way we expect the dimensions of the furniture from you. All! That's all that is required of you. The sizes you have taken will be enough for professionals to sew high-quality and beautiful cases.

We do not advise you to make up such a layout yourself with the dimensional grid of your sofa or chaise longue, be sure you do not write down all the dimensions, you will definitely not take into account something. Sewing requires experience and removing the correct and desired sizes is a very important stage in the birth of a cover for your furniture.

And after that you still have to measure, if not all sizes, then most are so accurate. After the cover is sewn by us, we send it by mail to any branch that you specify. Fittings are not needed, the cover will be made exactly according to the dimensions that we tell you to make and all the nuances and subtleties will be taken into account. We will think over in advance all the details of the covers and it will definitely fit like a "native". Thanks to you and your efforts, furniture will receive the best and professionally made covers without any hassle.

Before you start sewing covers, you need to choose a fabric, which we will also help you choose from among our materials, which were not chosen by chance and, let's say boldly, are the best in the city. Sewing requires experience not only with regard to threads and needles, but also in the correct selection of materials.