How to find out the approximate rate of a cover for your furniture is the first thing that interests everyone. Let's try to help.

Sewing an individual sofa cover

It is very easy to order a personalized individual case. You just need to send a photo of the furniture to us on our services - Viber or mail, or WhatsApp for calculating covers. For most products, it is possible to sew covers remotely according to the sizes you sent. If you are close enough to us, then of course we will come and independently remove all sizes under the cover.

Also, on the day of taking measurements, we will have furniture fabric on our hands, we have many samples of tested fabric for covers.

And so about the sofa. For example, the cover in the photo cost only 5,000 hryvnia, but much depends on the chosen fabric and product details.

Пошив чехла на диван

Corner sofa cover

The price for a corner sofa is slightly different for one obvious reason - it is twice as large, it's like two sofas. There is a huge variety of furniture and it is simply naive and ridiculous to expect either from us or from someone that the price of making a cover for any sofa from any fabric will be the same.

Sewing covers, especially for large furniture, is very subjective and depends on the design features and your desires and, of course, capabilities. So that we can show off your case, you need to make an effort and not only us, but also you. And in the end, we repeat, it is very simple to make an order, both via the Internet and by phone, sewing covers is also possible with a personal visit to the furniture and without it and production of covers exclusively via the Internet and sending after it by mail.

The cover in the photo below cost about 11,000 hryvnia, but this is a very approximate price, because as already mentioned, all the furniture is different.

Sewing a furniture cover for a corner sofa

Cover for your chair

The price of a chair in most cases is equal to half a cover for a regular, not corner, sofa. Covers can be used to decorate any design, you just need to make an effort to sew. Often we make covers of different designs for the same chairs, which looks funny and beautiful. But if you are not a fan of modern approaches, but still a supporter of classical views, then in the cases in the photo you will see exactly this - the classic design of the case.

The beautiful cover in the photo below cost only a couple of UAH 8000. Agree very affordable prices.

Sewing a chair cover

Sewing on chairs

Sewing covers for your favorite chairs is another story altogether. If the covers for furniture should be in harmony with the interior and are tied to the interior, then the covers for chairs are not strange, as it were, aside from the whole song and may well differ from all furniture.

For the best order for chairs, let's say via the Internet, you will need measurements made by you personally, there are not many of them, literally 10 minutes of your time, and the covers will start to be made by us!

Or if in Kiev, then of course we will take the measurements ourselves. the result will be no worse and no better than if you took the measurements yourself. But if you are afraid and do not dare, then we are ready to come.

A week and your order will be ready!

A cover as in the photo below cost only 600 hryvnia, but keep in mind that a cover for one chair will cost more than if we sew at least four chairs.

Furniture Chair Covers

Calculated from Vandal-proof fabric

Durable Anticlaw

The pinnacle of furniture textiles is the well-known Anti-claw. Irreplaceable with any other fabric in the case. Strong, durable, easy to clean. Will give the covers durability and make their service durable and will not "strain" you. We use the best fabrics available on the country's market for sewing and fulfilling an individual order..

The anti-claw that is used by professionals on the covers is slightly different from the usual one, it is more durable and more elastic, because the cover should be softer than the upholstery and lighter. The cover must be competently designed for its further use - washing, drying, ironing.

The furniture covers that are shown in the photo below are made as seen from Anti-claw fabric. The total amount for this beautiful and durable case was about 8000 hryvnia. Cases must be beautiful, this is our main rule, and the second rule is that the cover must be durable!

Sewing an anti-claw cover